Case vacanze a StintinoFrom 1 April to 30 May                                                   € 400,00  for week

From 1 to 30 June                                                            € 650,00  for week

From 1 to 31 July                                                              € 900,00  for week

From 1 to 31 August                                                       € 1.200,00 for week

From 1 to 30 September                                                 € 550,00  for week

From 1 to 30 October                                                       € 375,00 for week  

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Villa Turchese                                          

Controlla disponibilità

Villa Rosa

Controlla disponibilità

Recall that we have sleeps 2 to 6 people

from € 25.00 to € 50.00 per person per day

Prices and personalized accommodation please contact us by phone  (+39) 347/3135726email

A vacation that you want to do can be chosen at the intersection of several months, again depending on availability.
Consult the calendar at the side of each house to see the collection periods.


Paese Check Digit CIN Cod. ABI CAB N° Conto
IT 53 E 07601 17200 000079589552

To make a bank transfer at national level must use the only National Bank (BBAN): CIN, ABI, CAB and Account No.

To make a bank transfer in the international arena, we must add the International Bank (IBAN) to National Bank (BBAN)

At the time of payment must specify the reason for the name of the house and its choice of holiday period

Contract terms

The lease will be governed by the following agreements:

The surrender of the will by 12 noon on day of arrival of the conductor, while the issue is set for 10 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed between the parties that should be indicated in this contract and signed.

The property must be used exclusively for tourism purposes.

The tenant may not sublease or take on loan, in whole or in part, the real estate unit, otherwise the resolution of law of the contract.

The rent must be paid to the holder as follows:

The tenant must notify the landlord of any defects of the property and the furniture within forty-eight hours after delivery of the keys.

The costs relating to service delivery, such as: light, water, gas, expenses, taxes applicable, shall be borne by the landlord.

In case of issuance of the advance by the tenant than the agreed date of departure, no monies will be refunded the difference to the fee payable.

Download the contract in PDF formatDownload the contract in PDF format